• 9-10-11 NOVEMBER 2019
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  • 7th Fair with international orientation both for visitors and exhibitors
    With a deep knowledge and the accumulated expertise over a 10-year operation, the unique "Supply Chain & Logistics’ Fair", renews its appointment with the market on 9, 10 and 11 of November 2019, introducing a new era in fair events through a novel organizational approach.



    We, at o.mind Creatives aim to offer you comprehensive solutions, spanning the full spectrum of developments in the market while facilitating businesses and at the same time filling the gaps existed in the past. We are glad to formally announce the organization of the 2019 "Supply Chain & Logistics" Business Fair to be held at the Metropolitan Expo Centre on 9, 10, and 11 of November 2019, anticipating that you will embrace it and will project onto it the positive messages you wish to communicate to the market.

    We are expecting you, to be fellow travellers in our effort, to jointly promote the NEW ERA in Greek logistics through the 7th International 2019 "Supply Chain & Logistics" Business Fair.


    The 7th "Supply Chain & Logistics" Fair in 2019 will be held in the state-of-the-art METROPOLITAN EXPO Exhibition Centre at the "El. Venizelos" Athens International Airport (at the end of Attiki Road). The Fair is upgraded and enriched by the facilities offered to exhibitors and visitors by the Exhibition Centre.

    METROPOLITAN EXPO is the most advanced and modern Exhibition Centre in Greece today, bringing together a plethora of benefits such as:

    • State-of-the-art facilities and high quality benefits for exhibitors and visitors at a covered exhibition space of 45.000 sqm
    • Easy access by car or public transportation (Metro, Suburban Railway, bus) from all the Attica basin and the national road network (via Attiki Road, exit to the Airport)
    • Direct visitor access, allowing for same-day visits due to its proximity to the airport and the shuttle bus service which offers access to the exhibition centre within 5 min
    • Comfortable free parking
    • Restaurant, Café and shopping at the Airport’s Retail Park