• 2-3-4 NOVEMBER 2019
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From A to Z: solutions for the supply chain

The international "Supply Chain & Logistics" exhibition is this year conducted for the 6th time. The Exhibition is organized by o.mind Creatives and Supply Chain & Logistics magazine, regularly every two years since 2007. It has managed over the years to maintain itself as an aware brand and the core attraction for professionals in the wider logistics industry, freight and logistics, providing solutions for the modern enterprise.

In 2017 too, the exhibition is expected to large visitors attendance and interest. The exhibition will capitalize the rising climate of business confidence in the country, while new opportunities that will be presented, would be an attraction for professionals of the wider logistics business area.


All the world of transportation will be here!

From agencies to the largest Greek and multinational LOGISTICS SERVICES companies The entire commercial transportation community will be present in
the 2017 Fair. Small agencies, national and international road transportation companies, freight forwarders, logistics services companies, shipping companies as well as courier companies. With special exhibition structures and solutions to all the promotional needs of transportation services, the Fair, in collaboration with exhibitors, aims at presenting a full spectrum of the transportation needs of every Greek or foreign company which will visit the Fair.

Warehouse and Material Handling equipment for modern facilities

In each "Supply Chain & Logistics" Fair, companies which provide solutions for the warehouse equipment, material handling, transportation and secondary packaging present a special interest. Forklifts, warehouse shelves, internal handling systems, bar coding, warehouse labeling and signage systems and secondary packaging machinery and a lot more will be presented in the Fair so that visitors are brought up to date with new technologies. Having new technologies as our allies, and the desire of Greek companies for modernization of their premises and infrastructures, the sector of equipment in the Fair will provide comprehensive solutions for the organization of the modern warehouse.

A New sector of Professional Vehicle in Hall 4, “Cargo Truck & Van Expo”

Professional vehicles for road transportation are here! International transportation haulers, distribution trucks, public transportation vans and pickups will impress visitors to the Metropolitan expo and Hall 4. Also, bodywork, superstructure, refrigerated storage rooms, tachographs, telematics and truck parts and supplies will be included in CARGO Truck & Van, the new sector of the Fair. The landscape has now changed in road transportation with transportation and commercial companies dealing with large vehicle fleets and adapting to EU directives for EURO 6. The linking of the 2017 "Supply Chain & Logistics" Fair with the new sector of "CARGO Truck & Van" constitutes an ideal combination for the promotion of commercial vehicles in the new era of logistics which Greece is entering. The favorable reception from and participation of auto dealers is expected to be high and complete.



  • Storage, Logistics services, 3PL, 4PL
  • Transport and Distribution services
  • National, and international road transportation
  • Maritime Cargo, shipping companies, Port Authorities
  • Air transportation
  • Rail transportation
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Courier companies
  • Real Estate Logistics
  • Container Sale and Lease
  • Logistics Consulting companies, Personnel Training and Certification
  • Transportation insurance
  • Professional cargo vehicles




  • Forklifts and warehouse handling equipment
  • Shelves and Warehouse and shop Management Systems
  • Hand trucks, fork lifts, warehouse labelling and signage
  • Conveyor belts, internal handling lines
  • IT and logistics systems (WMS, ERP, CRM)
  • Bar coding, RFID, ex-van, and picking systems
  • Retail shop IT systems
  • Industrial refrigeration (Cold Store Chambers, Machinery, Food logistics)
  • Construction of industrial buildings and warehouses




  • Packaging materials and machinery
  • Cardboard boxes, pallets, barrels, packaging sacks
  • Secondary Handling and transportation packaging
  • Robot systems, palletizing machinery
  • Printing and labeling
  • Weighing systems
  • Repackaging and services
  • Recycling