• 2-3-4 NOVEMBER 2019
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A New sector of Professional Vehicle in Hall 4

“Cargo Truck & Van Expo”





Professional vehicles for road transportation are here! International transportation haulers, distribution trucks, public transportation vans and pickups will impress visitors to the Metropolitan expo and Hall 4.Also, bodywork, superstructure, refrigerated storage rooms, tachographs, telematics and truck parts and supplies will be included in CARGO Truck & Van, the new sector of the Fair. The landscape has now changed in road transportation with transportation and commercial companies dealing with large vehicle fleets and adapting to EU directives for EURO 6.

The linking of the 2017 "Supply Chain & Logistics" Fair with the new sector of "CARGO Truck & Van" constitutes an ideal combination for the promotion of commercial vehicles in the new era of logistics which Greece is entering. The favorable reception from and participation of auto dealers is expected to be high and complete.