• 30 Sep. - 2 Oct. 2023
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Number of Exhibitors: 245

Total Visitors: 18,000

Visitors from Greece: 16,400

Visitors from Abroad: 1,400 Participations in the Conference Units: 900


Basic Visitor Categories:

Trading Companies of all sectors: 4,400

Transport & Forwarding Companies: 3,400

Logistics & Warehousing Services: 1,350

Industries & Crafts: 1,900

Motorists and Professional Drivers: 950

Commercial Vehicle Repair Shops / Consumables and Fuels Trade: 750


Trade of Heavy and Light Vehicles: 550

Technology & Informatics Sector: 580

Technical Companies and Engineers: 450

Primary Sector: 340

Public Sector: 330

Other Categories, Individuals, Students: 3,000


Of the visitor registrations, 86% were high-ranking company executives, businessmen and members of Boards of Directors.


What the Exhibitors said


96% rated the exhibition from good to excellent

94% stated that they will participate in the 2021 event

91% said that the advertising of the exhibition was very good

92% said they were very satisfied with the services provided and the support of the organizing company O.MIND CREATIVES



What the Visitors said

91% found what they were looking for 89% described the exhibition as very good to excellent

76.5% sought solutions from all areas of the exhibition

33% would like to host more commercial vehicle dealerships in 2021


85% of the participants described the meetings they attended as interesting