• 30 Sep. - 2 Oct. 2023
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More specifically, throughout the exhibition, there will be a live broadcast from the exhibitors' stands, events and conferences, based on a specific daily program of promotion through the internet, and a special platform for viewing similar events, which will enable any interested professional to watch it remotely from Greece, Cyprus or abroad, free of charge, from his computer.


In fact, "online" visitors will have the opportunity to communicate via live chatting or teleconference, in real time, with the exhibitor present at that time, or even with the panel of speakers at conferences.


The use of this technology will attract thousands of additional visitors without geographical restrictions, who are unable to attend in person at the exhibition venues, as they will be given the opportunity to watch it in real time, and even communicate with the exhibitors live. Also, in this online platform, exhibitors will have the opportunity to post promotional videos with their products and services, to become more clear to their potential customers who visit the exhibition online, while there will be the possibility for live web cam inside from within the stands. O.MIND CREATIVES has already successfully applied this technology to digital conferences and events that it holds since June 2020.