• 30 Sep. - 2 Oct. 2023
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Visitors of the double exhibition are businessmen and executives of all sectors of Craft and Trade as well as the sector of Freight Transport from Greece and abroad.


More specifically, they consist of the following categories of companies:


> Commercial companies of all sectors that have warehouses and need to transport products

> Wholesale and Retail, online stores, supermarket chains

> Industries-Crafts of all branches of production such as: Food Industries & Trade, Pharmaceutical Industries, Clothing, Footwear, Building Materials & Accessories, Spare Parts Warehouses, Agricultural Products, Fertilizers etc.

> Transport companies, logistics, distribution, courier and storage companies

> Companies with distribution and transport fleets, owners of trucks

> Commercial warehouse organization and equipment companies

> Public Organizations (DEKO), Local Authorities, Army Corps, Banks and Institutions

> Professors, business consultants, students


From the above categories of companies the visitors of the exhibition are: Entrepreneurs, General Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Logistics Managers, Financial Advisers, Factory Managers, Warehouse Managers, Import-Export Managers, Procurement Managers, Quality Assurance Executives , Motorists.