• 30 Sep. - 2 Oct. 2023
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A new era begins for the Commercial Car industry, especially concerning city logistics and urban distribution, in which the utilization of professional van-vanettes fleets takes on a new dimension. The country's integration into all European programs for the development of alternative energy sources, the investment in charging stations for new electric vehicles, form a new, modern reality.


Electricity is here to stay, with major international automakers investing in fully electric fleets of both heavy trucks and city logistics vans, while studies of professional dual-fueled fleets are now yielding the maximum, creating reliable solutions for a market, which seeks new solutions regarding the main "tool" of its work: The commercial vehicle.


Energy providers are developing comprehensive plans for network development that will provide solutions to business customers, and the commercial vehicle world seems to be moving rapidly into a new era.


The "green" transport, the new electric and LPG models, all the alternative solutions for the transport professionals, will be presented in the 3rd exhibition CARGO TRUCK & VAN EXPO, emphasizing in the mobility of tomorrow. With an updated conference and exhibition event, the experts will present and analyze the transports of the future, which are already here!