• 30 Sep. - 2 Oct. 2023
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The Commercial Vehicle Becomes Green


The Commercial Car sector and the "green" solutions offered by the big automakers in the management of the modern Supply Chain will have a dynamic presence and will again attract the increased interest of transport companies and professional motorists. International transport tractors, distribution trucks, urban transport van and pick-up will be presented in the Greek market and will fill Hall 4 of the Metropolitan Expo exhibition center. Also, bodies, superstructures, cooling chambers, tachographs, telematics and consumables for commercial vehicles will frame the area of ​​the exhibition CARGO TRUCK & VAN EXPO.


Nowadays, the scene in road transport has changed. Transport companies and commercial companies are creating large fleets of vehicles and adapting to the European guidelines for Euro 6 technology vehicles. All this change is fully applicable in the logistics and transport sector, and entrepreneurs are now the ones looking to invest in new and modern fleets.


The connection of the exhibition "SUPPLY CHAIN ​​& LOGISTICS" with the exhibition section "CARGO TRUCK & VAN EXPO" has been proven and characterized as successful by the participants -based on the measurable results of the previous events- for the promotion of brand new commercial vehicles in the new era of logistics that Greece enters.


Reduced carbon footprint is the bet at present. The shift to green energy, electricity and reduced CO2 emissions is the trend today and the demand of tomorrow. At the 2021 event, exhibitors will present alternative energy sources for commercial transport vehicles as well as for the operation of warehouses. The demand of all of us is the reduction of the negative environmental effects and the operation of efficient and energy efficient systems using alternative energy sources. The supply chain and freight transport must provide solutions and implement "Green Supply Chains" more than ever.